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Release stress, find balance, and reclaim your joy.

Hi, I’m Tracy Durso! A dance fitness instructor and holistic health coach in Hingham, MA.

Being a healthy, confident woman is not about how you look, but about how you feel! I strive to empower women through feminine movement programs that promote vitality, sensuality, and renewed self-love. My unique mind-body classes focus on bringing out your inner goddess to instill confidence, radiance, inner peace, and gratitude.

There is a divine sense of camaraderie and emotional support that comes from sharing kinetic energy with other women that I can’t explain. You have to experience it for yourself! Join me for a class at Hingham Community Center.

A unique holistic fitness class for the mind, body and soul to awaken your inner warrior goddess with a fusion of fitness, bellydance and yoga. Expect a short grounding meditation, 35 minutes of cardio dance moves, and 20 minutes of core, flow and stretching on the yoga mat. Feel strong, sexy and sacred!

An original cardio dance fitness class set to upbeat, pop music with powerful lyrics about self- love, confidence, and inner strength. These fun, easy-to-follow dances will give you a workout that leaves you physically energized, emotionally supported, and spiritually empowered!

Since starting classes with Tracy, I feel like I have a place to be me. I remember how much I love to dance and move my body the second the music starts playing. Tracy makes me feel so comfortable to simply let go and feel good about myself. Love, love, love your classes so much Tracy. Thank you!

Christina, 37

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